no more lies; no more chances

She won't hold him accountable.
There's two months of statements and multiple visits to different alcohol stores, at least 5 each month.
We (me and her) could take that money and make a great future for her. I would be more motivated than ever to diversify and invest it safely with her to make sure it brings in a passive income and grows in value.
But does she finally call him out on his lies and BS? No. It's bad enough he just sat around waiting for the crypto to go up more and watched it drop back down for the second time in the same year, without taking profits.
But now she learns he has regular charges on his statement for alcohol and she won't even look at it. She actually said, well, whatever happens happens if I'm wrong in the end and I lose the money you can get mad at me.
What? You're that willing to risk not making money with your retirement funds? We are two very responsible adults we can find so many ways together to make money with it but you just refuse to make the responsible decision and tell him you can't risk it! A complete gamble! You told him over a year ago you CAN'T run a business with an alcholic and here he breaks his word not to drink if you're going to let him use your money and he drinks (over and over and over) and you just say whatever?
How can someone get endless chances! How can someone not be held accountable how will they ever change!?!?!?! You're doing the person a dis-service because they will probably finally straighten up their act when they finally have to face that the bullshit is over and there are consequences! That's what makes a person straighten up their act!
Instead, ignoring the bad behaviour is essentially condoning it and being an enabler instead of taking a stand and putting a foot down and saying this is the last straw. They might as well be helping them dig their grave and their own as well, at least financially because you won't confront them and say enough chances have been given. I (her that is) need to take responsibility for my own finances and you (him) need to find your way out of self destruction. And say to yourself I can't continue to go down with you. And here I am being pulled along by this ship anchor. You think I deserve to have to deal with someone running a business some day that has a deep substance abuse issue that you have responsibility for?
Please please do the right thing.

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